Tuesday, 7 May 2013

The Holiday

The  5 things that were fun that happened to me was that my Mum called my Poppa and Nana to come to our house and my uncle Peter too. We had deer that my Dad shoot down, crunchy potatoes that my Mum planted in the garden, Salad and corn for dinner. I went to my Nana's and Poppa's house for a sleep over for there night's me and my Brother Jack had a lot of fun. We went to the movies the Croods with Lollipops program. Last one was spending time with my family. My Mum painting my drawers purple and black.

The 5 things that I didn't like was my brother getting sick because I like playing with him.  My Dad saying that we can't go to the Lido because I was really hot and I needed to cool down.  .  My Dad went to the Hurricanes in Palmy and didn't take me.   I wanted to play out side because I wanted to play with Bella my dog. Last one was that my Mum got to do her finger nail's painted with Nana and I wanted to go too. 

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  1. Hi Sophie it's me Aye
    Wow it seems like you had a great time at the movies
    Actually I have no questions for you so bye bye