Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Visitors At My House

 I had just come home with nut mug and tatty teddy they came from overseas. We went to play checkers the Teddy's played against my brother Jack and the Teddy's Win they were really happy. Now we went to do Homework we did our maths then we did spelling. We went to the vegetable shop to get food for dinner we walked with Tatty Teddy, Nut Mug, Bella and Jack. Once we got home we played tag outside with Jack. Then we were so tired out that we went to watch TV. Now we went to get dinner it was really really healthy. Than we went to play with the the pets. We were having pudding now because this is the only bit for the week. The ice-cream was called cookies and cream ice-cream. Now we went to bed at 7:30pm we had a good time together but they had to go on Wednesday the 12 of June. Here is some photos.


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