Friday, 23 August 2013

Hands On Home Work

Hand on home work was to make a healthy snack to share with the class. I made pin wills. Here are the ingredients.

1. Cheese,grated

2. Ham, chopped

3. Pastry 

4. Pizza Sauce 

5. A Dash Of Milk With I Cooking Brush

6. A Knife  

  Now we start baking them have fun making them good luck

1.Spread Out The Pizza Sauce, leaving 1cm At Top.

 2. Put The Ham On Top. 

3. Then Put The Cheese On Top Too.

4. Slowly Roll The Pastry.

5. Get The Cup Of Milk With The Brush. And Brush The Top Where You Did The Line.

6. Finish Rolling The Pin Wheels Up.

7. Get Your Mum Or Dad To Mark Where You Cut Them. Then You cut Them But Be Careful With Your Fingers.

8. Place on Oven Tray, Bake for 20 min at 200 degrees

9. This Is The Last Step. Finally Time To Eat Them Up " Good-bye Pin  Wheels!" Yummy



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