Monday, 23 September 2013

Character Description

We are leaning how to write a character description using similes.


My Dad has brow eyes like a grizzly bear's fur. He is bald because he doesn't no what to do with his hear. His hear sticks up like a pencils' he likes it that way. He likes to wear stripy tops for work. His favorite breakfast is week bix. He is as funny as a monkey. His nose is pointy like the end of a carrot. He eats a lot of food because he is big and strong.

He likes to put black shoes on for work. When he as a smile on his face he twinkles of joy. When he finished a game of sport he really needs a shower. He is large. He is probably 24 feet high. His skin is a dark coluer but when he is wearing clothes his body turns pale, but he is not sick. 

My Dad Can be series sometimes. Sometimes he doesn't get jokes. Mostly he he dose get jokes.
He acts like the boss but I like him that way. So he can tell me off. But we have lots of fun together. When he gets mad he starts to yell and stop. But when he is happy he's calm. 

When he see's other people Dad is like the popular Dad in the world. When he is around town I would hold his hand so I do not get lost. Because there is a lot of people around town.

My Dad likes to stay home and rest, he watches TV, on the I-Pad, on the computer and he waters my plants when I do not water them. My Dad as a Holden car. It is a sliver and grey coluer. It was his Dad's car now it is my Dad's car. So it is a very old car lucky it stole works.

 His Dad lives in Christchurch. So when it is poppa's birthday he will ring him up and say " Happy Birthday Dad and have a good day. Bye Dad." Sometimes he will see my Dad.  

My Dad is a account. He is the boss at work he as a cilent. His name is Donald they are really good friends together.                      

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  1. Well done, I know you have tried really hard on this. I like the way you have described his physical features and created a really clear picture for the reader.