Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Hands On Home Work

This weeks hands on home work was to tell you how to get to school but we did the way we go home so  I did it different.
 Purpose:  To get home safely. 
1. Get scooter from bike cage.
2. Meet Jack at the Crossing.
3. Cross the road at the crossing. Then go right.
4. Turn left into Matamau Street.
5. Stop at Roy Street look left and right checking for any cars.
6.Walk scooter across the road when it is clear.
7. Then turn right head to words Tremaine Ava.
8. Turn left when you see a sign saying North Street, when you see it turn left.
9. Then head home.
10.  YAY Afternoon Tea time.   
Safely Cautions: Warning
1. Cars on roads
2. Strangers
3. Stay together

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