Wednesday, 12 November 2014

My 3 Writing Parts

Goal: Verbs and Adverbs

Verbs is highlighted blue
Adverbs is highlighted red

The Ghost Story

Chapter 1
Welcome to horror woods

One day there was a town called Horror woods. When it was 7pm, Sophie and Georgia ran home from school when they saw a ghost approaching them. But they didn’t know how friendly the ghost was... The Ghost Story. They went to georgia’s house because they were having a sleepover. Then they shouted in a scared way. “ THERE IS GHOST OUT THERE!!! LOOK OUTSIDE THE WINDOW!!!” Said Georgia and Sophie at the same time. So Alana looked out the window and saw the ghost on the road. Then she whispered so the ghost would of not looked this way. “ Your right there is a ghost outside. Lets shut the curtains. Quick!..” We shut every single curtains in the whole house, up starts and down starts shannon stomps down the stars, Shannon in down with her pink doggie PJ’s and shouts to Alana her Mum “ WHY DID YOU SHUT THE CURTAINS!!” Alana goes to the window and peeks and shuts the curtain again. Alana turns round and whispers to Shannon. “ SHHH... There is a ghost outside so we have shut the curtains so the ghost won’t come this way. Hey Georgia do you know if it is a nice ghost?” Georgia replays while whispering. “ No I don’t, sorry Mum.” Next Shannon replies in a whispery way.  “ Okay Mummy I am going to keep on playing with my doll, okay mummy. And Mummy...” “Yes...”  Said Alana. Shannon continued. “ Please don’t die. If you do I die too. I here my doll calling me she saying Shannon get here know.”  Shannon tip toes back up the starts like a little mouse. Sophie goes to the window and opens the curtains, and peeks out the window sneakily looking around for the ghost. Then suddenly Sophie stops looking at the drive way there the ghost was. It was actually it was a shape of a collie mixed with a huntaway.

Chapter 2
here comes the ghost....

The ghost is at the front door. Sophie and Georgia goes outside they are running there buts of to safe the guinea pigs Peach's and Pumpkin there guinea pig pets. Alanna comes out shannon is on Alanna’s leg. Alanna says to georgia and Sophie. “The ghost went inside the house we need to climb over the fence QUICK!” We climb over the fence step by step the ghost comes out of the house. Once we had reached  the next door neighbor’s house the puppy soul has caught us. Shannon stands up and puts her hand through the puppy soul, the puppy soul is laughing in happiness. Shannon is laughing in happiness too. Shannon brings her hand down. The puppy soul talks to Georgia and Sophie. “ Georgia and Sophie I have something to tell you . There is a black dog with red eyes that wants to suck your soul right out of your body's to finish the spell to make all his soul friends comes back to life. Georgia Doses a big loud scream. “ AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!”  You could here Georgia’s scream from the other side of the world. Shannon says. “ Dun Dun Dunnnn...”   

The Dog Rescue

Welcome Little Puppy

One day on the streets there was a little puppy named bolt. He was a black lab, he had no owner. So some people rang up the pound, to take there so bolt won’t hurt anyone. When the dog pound van came in a flash of lightning they caught Bolt with a net in one big swing and swung him into the van, into a cage. Then he noticed that there was another puppy named Skyla, she was a Collie mixed with a Huntaway.  They started barking at each other then the pound man yelled. “ SHUT UP YOU DUMB DOGS!” The man puts the dogs in the dog cages all the other dogs are howling. So Skyla and Bolt start howling too. The door swings open. The man is stopping into the room. He has dog food bowls in his hands for the dogs, once he reaches Bolt and Skyla they see’s in the bowl that there is only one bite to eat the food, the dogs felt very disappointed.

Hiwi the Kiwi

It was another exciting week of school. We were all ready to go. We hopped into the car. “ GRR GRR!” Went the engine. We raced down the driveway fast like a jet plane We went up and down the bumbs Bang! When the tyres hit the ground. We had arrived at... school. I saw so many kids crowding something. I wondered what it was. I hung up my bag. When I came back there were more people. The bell went. DING, DONG. Everyone scattered away to class. We were going to the busy hall. A man was standing on the stage singing songs while people were coming in like a mouse. He finished his song when all the classes were in the busy hall.

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