Tuesday, 26 March 2013


Last week our homework woes to make a boat that week. If it sinks that is ok if it did float well don for you but it is all about fun. This I did it I got I Emmey milk bolt, string, 3 straws than you can detail to it. I didn't get time to pant it because I had a lot of trouble with the straws and I add 2 days. When it was Friday the  22 of March we darn or boats in class 5 kids didn't make one. There were molters and sales my one was a sale. We all add one side no kids side and the kids that add a bout.
First it was the molters one. Stephen said " On your marks get set GO! Some were sniping a round in the water. Vincents went to the wall then Baily went to help it. And the won are was Vincents he did well. Then it as the sales one that was me. Stephen said" On your marks get set Go! my one went on the side but it flouted. I had a lot of fun that one manes won. We did do more races but my one did not won it just went on its side.

Here are some photos they look coo.l Go to the ins and out to see a move about it.

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  1. To Sophie
    I hope you had a great easter brake!!!
    What did you do in the Easter weekend?
    Did you eat too mmany Easter Eggs!!!
    I hope you make a comment on my blog.
    From Jade

    I did. I hope you make comment.
    From Jade