Friday, 5 April 2013

What Reflection

What: I have been playing flags with my class, I have been learning the Cups song with Olivia, I have been doing spelling a lot with my Group, I have been doing Maths with Stephen, I have been doing Swimming Sports with the school,

SO What: I have been learning the split strategy, I have learnt to be a good reader, I have learnt how to play Flags, The dice of dare and to write a recount.

NOW What: Now I want to be a good Maths person because I don't get the split strategy. I want to be a good art kid because I want to become like Stephen because he is a good Arts. I want to learn to be a good reader so I can read chapter books.   


  1. Great work Sophie, you have been practicing maths every week and improving all the time! Keep it up we are so proud of you. Love Mum & Dad

    1. thank-you for saying Mum and Dad that makes me happy.

      Dad I love u because u make funny monkey

      Mum I love u because you are a very good cooker

      I love u too have a good weekend.

  2. Great work Sophie, you are a fantastic worker and I love having you in our class!

  3. Hey there Sohipe I enjoyed doing cups that was something that I loved doing. Out of those thing what do you think you could get better at?
    Bye I will drop come more comments soon.

  4. Hey there Sophie!!! I like how you have reflected on what you have been doing.
    Did you enjoy the try? Bye see you later.