Friday, 8 August 2014

My Hiwi The Kiwi Story

It was another exiting week of school. We were all ready to go. We hoped into the car "Grr Grr!" Went the engine. We raced down the drive way fast like a jet plane. We went up and down the bumbs. "BANG!" when the tyres hit the ground. We had arrived at... school. I saw so many kids crowding something. I wondered what it was. I hangded up my bag. When I came back there were more people. when I came back there were more people. The bell went. Ding Dong! Everyone went to class. We were going to the busy hall. A man was standing on the stage singing songs while people were creeping like mice. He finshed his songs when all the class were in the busy hall.

He intuced himself. " Hello kids I'm Mr Minstrill and this is my wife Mrs Minstrill and she is a good cook too. so give her a clap." The school claps. He said"if you catch a little fish put it back so it can grow, and when you catch a big fish put it back because it might have babies. Then he said " That"s when your on a boat you should be wearing a... Then every body said life jacket! He answered Yes you need to wear a life jacket and in a boat you should have beacon, flares and a fish ruler. also you should use salt water to put the fish in, and fresh." " always carry a fish in a damp towel. Why? Do fish have scales. Don"t fall of. Fish have a protective courting like sunscreen said minstrel also he said we are not allowed to fish in the marine reserve.

The End    

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