Monday, 18 August 2014

Super Moon

WALT: Inform

Last night the Moon got closer to us than it has ever been. Not all of New Zealand saw it because it was too cloudy in some towns. They even talked about it on the National News because it hasn't happened for many years. So they talked about the moon on the news.

If I saw the moon I would of felt so jumpy and pointing at the moon to Mum and Dad with my mouth open in a surprise. I would have been talking about it to all of my friends. So I wished I had seen it.

We learned that the Moon goes around us, while Earth goes around the sun. It also takes a year to go round the sun but the sun stays in one place, it doesn't move around like the moon and we do. So it takes 365 and 1/4 days going around the sun.

We also learned that there used to be 9 planets now there are 8 because scientists discovered Pluto is just a rock so now there are only 8. So when the moon got closer to us than it has ever been they called it... THE SUPER MOON.

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