Thursday, 10 September 2015

Passion Project Reflection

Every Thursday 2-3 we have been doing Passion Projects, Passion Projects is when you get something you in joy and you turn it into a project. So I choose baking. My group for this was Abby, Olivia F, and Devin. Our parent helper was Debby


Big Idea:
Our task was to make 300 cupcakes for this years SPCA Cupcake day. We Raised $840! We baked mini's normal sized and Texas ones (The big Ones!) People brought in donations, food and blankets. We made 300 cupcakes! Some people overfed to bring some cupcakes to help go towards the SPCA. We got round about 1200 cupcakes altogether at the end. 

Feedback & Feedforward:
I think you did well in choosing your passion project and that you were committed to your passion project, You can work on making sure you are doing baking at home all the time.

Next Time I think we should hand out the notice first and then count up all the cupcakes we have and then we could top it up. I am so happy that we raised 840 cupcakes!! I am feeling happy that I got to do this because I love baking and also eating the cupcake is good too! YUM YUM!! My Goal at home when I am baking is to start to make cakes and other things not just cupcakes.

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  1. I am pleased to hear you intend to keep experimenting with other sorts of baking too. I wonder what other flavours of cupcakes you could invent using your base recipe? You have been able to use the inquiry process to follow your passion, I know you can use it for other passions you have too. Reread your post for spelling and grammar.