Monday, 7 September 2015

Te Reo Sample

This term we have been focusing on Maori body parts.In this activity I have been working with Georgia and Hannah. We got to chose between a poster or some sort of movie to show the Maori body parts. I choose to do a poster. we had to talk together to say what our audience was going to be, the choose was between, teenagers, adults, 5 year olds also teachers. My group choose 5 year olds.


Big Idea:
Our task was some how to teach the 5 year olds the Maori body parts. Before this happened we had to draw a person and then look up the Maori body parts like head arm and leg. the week after that is when we learn't a song called: To Ringa ki roto in English it is called hokey pokey.
Feedback & Feedforward
I like how  you made it appropriate for your audience and making there be pitcher for them to understand what the body parts are. Next time you could work on making it not a poster because if the can't read the word the won't know what is it but when you do a video you say it to them and they know what it means and what body part it is. Overall it was a good quality piece of work. Good good. Emma M.    

I am proud that my group did made the pictures pop out because then the little kids won't go like, oh that looks boring. And then when you make it fun it will be easy a to learn from.  Next time I think I could do a video to make it even more fun and also get out of my comfort zone. 

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  1. What a fun and interactive poster. You have thought carefully about your audience and targeted it directly to them. Ka pai to mahi!