Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Book Bash Prediction 2015

Cover Design
When I first looked at this cover I wanted read it because of the man with a weapon. Once I looked at the lion, I thought it was going to be about him. On the cover where the animals are I thought how hard would it to hunt a lion and a spider?

The first sentence I read started to hook me into the book even more then the cover because it said, “Suddenly I hear A roar behind me.” I think this blurb was very good at hooking me in more to it.

I think that the author has a great title because you can already tell that there's a warrior. I think that there fount looked good against the picture.

I predict that the this is a real life story. And the lion tries to capture the human to eat him and take him to his pack. Also I think that the warrior tries to hunt down all the animals in africa because it looks like it has taken place in africa

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