Wednesday, 21 October 2015

A Sign Of A Warrior

Before next tuesday, read Chapter 3-6 and answer the following questions on your blog...
  • What do you think about Ash’s first impressions of Africa?  Why do you think he says, “Dad, everything’s weird?”  (p.23)

I think the first impressions were really cool with the smelly rocks and all of that. I think he says that because he as never been there before and probably doesn't know there language, and they also have different types of clothes.

Who is the author targeting with this humour: “I put a pair of socks at the top of my pack.  I’d worn them at gym class for a week and road tested them on Gran.  She nearly passed out and said a word I’d get grounded for saying when she opened my pack to check that I had my comb”? (p. 26) Give reasons for your opinion.

  • Do you think Ash’s comments about coming “face to face with a bunch of cannibals” (p.27) are appropriate or offensive? What helped you form your opinion?
I think ash will be okay its just that is dad can't go "oh he's pinned down by a lion" So he will have to learn to stay safe with is spear.

  • Do you think the government should stop lions being killed for ceremonial purposes? (p.35) What is your stance on this issue? 

I think that they should stop hunting the lions because you don't want them extended like the bail tigers. I f you don't know what the bail tigers are its because everyone hunted them in the old days. So in the future when they are all gone no one will see them.

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