Monday, 15 September 2014

5 New Marine Reserves

WALT: Inform


Today we have learnt about 5 new marine reserves that the government has made. A marine reserve is where all the fish go to make new fish. So you can not fish there. 

When hiwi the kiwi was at our school he said if you catch small fish put them back in the sea so they can grow and if they are too big put them back in the sea so they can make their baby's.

We were also learning about hector dolphins. Now if you are wanting to know some facts about the Hector dolphins, keep reading!

Hector dolphins are only found off the coast of New Zealand.  
The north island ones are called Maui's dolphins there are only 111 left in the world
The South Island ones are called South Island Hector's and there are only 8000 left in the whole world.

Hector's dolphins are smaller than a normal dolphin and they can fit inside a bath tub. An adult hector dolphin grows to length of 1.2 to 1.4 metres.

To help save the Hector dolphins make sure you put your rubbish away in the bin otherwise the dolphin can get tangled in it or think it is food and eats it, YUK!

If you go fishing remember to be careful of setting up your fishing nets so the Hector dolphin doesn't get caught in the net as well.

So if you see a hector's dolphins take a photo if you dare as they are very rare. 

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