Monday, 1 September 2014

The Important Thing

WALT: Entertain

Description:  We read a story called “The Important Book” written by Margarent Wise Brown.  We looked at the structure of this writing  and decided to use this to create our own writing. I chose my cat Gonzo because he is starting to shake and getting old. So I chose my cat so I can remember him when he pass's away.

Task:  Choose an object to describe, using the same structure as Margaret Wise Brown in “The Important Book.”

  • Brainstorm your ideas describing the object that you have chosen.  Use full sentences.
  • Choose the most important thing.
  • Make sure that your first sentence and last sentence are the same.
  • List the ways you describe your object using a comma to separate your ideas.
  • Edit your work for punctuation, ideas and spelling.

    • What are you most proud of and why?
      Well I am most proud of what I wrote because when Mum and Dad see's this they will think it is really good so that Mum and Dad can remember him like I will, because we love our cat Gonzo. 

    • What challenged you the most and why?
      The thing that challenged me was the drawing because I kept on making him on the side but when I finished it it came up really good.

Well done Sophie you have put great answers not just drawing you explained it and they tell me really what you are proud of and challenged by. Grace.S

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  1. Sophie - your piece of writing really shows me how much you love your cat! It also describes him very well. You worked through the planning, revising, editing, publishing cycle really well Sophie, making sure that you did each stage with excellence. Good on you!