Thursday, 12 February 2015

Maths Test!

 We have done a maths test to figure out what stage we are up to. So theres stage 4 5 6 and 7 there is only one person on stage 7 but there will be more, I am on stage 5. The pink high litter mean think so thats your goal. Also the yellow high litter mean gold so that is that u have worked it out in 3 seconds. If the title of the different parts are high littered pink and its got yellow, it means that that was a bit tricky. We have to work it out in 3 seconds to get them correct.     

My goal for stage 5 is complete the pattern. I am going to achieve this goal by doing lots and lots of practice till I get them in 3 seconds. So I will be able to make it to my next goal. I hope I get it done at the end of this month for this goal I am working on. 


  1. How are you progressing with your first goal Sophie? It is the beginning of a new month today - were you able to reach your goal? Have you done your first 'prove it' yet?

    1. Yes I am trying the one I am on right now I have not been able to past but I am still trying to get to the next goal. Sophie