Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Tic Tac Toe Week 5

Our task was to write as many different things/situations that would cause me say what in the world is that!? This tic tac toe was really cool the favorite one I did was a flying pig because that would be wow just to see a actual FLYING PIG!!

Big Idea:
For this week tic tac toe I did ridiculousness for this tic tac toe. I have chosen this tic tac toe because it sound very interesting. My goal has been questioning because I don't do a lot of questioning when I read. 

Feedback & Feedforward:
You came up with funny ridiculous things for your tic tac toe. Maybe you could try do twenty ridiculous things that you could think of. Taylor

 I think I could of done better by put a few more shorter sentences. Next time I could also use some juicy words.  I think I am improving in my writing this term because I have learnt other ways of making made up or a true story: Narrative, Recount, Report, and a whole lot more.

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