Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Tic Tac Toe Interfiew

In reading my goal has been to focus on Questioning. I have chosen this goal because I would come across points in the story I would not think of a question when I would not know what is happening. Now I think I am improving on this by going to workshops and doing some more reading and tic tac toes. This tic tac toe for this post was an interview.

Big Idea:
In class every week we have to do up to 3 tic tac toes. This tic tac toe we had to do an interview of who we look up to.  The person I have been looking up to is Grace Rasmussen from the silver ferns. If you do 10  questions your a Novice and If you do 20 your an Expert. In Questionin I have learnt to question before, during and after reading.

I think I could do better by doing better questions and make it up to 20. So then I can get lots of ideas to be like her when I do netball. But I think I know I will be a good player. But if I don't make it into the silver ferns I know I am still a good player.

Feedback & Feedforward:
Wow Sophie. You seem to be really inspired about this character. I would've liked it if you have done at least 10 questions so you can really think deeply about her experience. One question, if this interview was real, would that give you a more deeper aspect of how you would become a netball player? Great job by the way.
Aye :D

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  1. I think your evaluation is very fair and next time maybe you can make sure you put yourself in the learning pit and stretch yourself to do your best learning.
    Your questions are well thought out and relevant to the person you are interviewing.
    You have chosen your learning goal for a good reason, so continue to think about your questions as you are reading to keep improving.