Thursday, 26 March 2015

Te Ahu a Turanga Noho Marae

Description:  In week 7, we had an overnight stay at the local Marae in Woodville.  We were immersed in Maori culture and participated in a range of activities.  We set two goals to focus on during our stay.

Big Idea:  
1.  Did you achieve your goals?  How do you know?
I have achieved these goals because I used all my energy in the whole day not when I woke up. Also I know more about my group because I now know a lot more about them.

2.  What are you most proud of from the Marae stay and why?
I am most proud of not working with my friends or people I know because I want to know more about some other people.

3.  What challenged you the most and why?
The Gorge walk challenged me the most because I have done it for a while so when I went up my legs stared to hurt. But it was a lot of fun!

 This is my bookmark that we made after the Marae. The first one means teamwork and togetherness. The second one is when I was on the gorge walk I saw a Kereru for the first time. And the last one is the gorge walk because it is a really cool place of nature.

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  1. Thank you for sharing the significance of your bookmark! I love it!
    Great to hear too that you got on well with your group - sometimes it is good to be forced into new situations so that you can form new friendships!