Wednesday, 17 June 2015

ET Reo Post

What is ET Reo?
Well the answer to that is ET Reo is when you learn maori. ET stands for Elly and Troy they are the teachers that teach us maori.
 Is there other choses? 
Well, we got to chose to do Kapa Haka or ET Reo. I chose ET Reo. 
What do you learn in ET Reo? 
In ET Reo we learn songs and fruits vegetables etc.



  Big Idea:
The Big Idea in ET Reo was to finish a movie of saying what you like and dislike. My partner for this activity was Georgia. 

What will I like to work on and what did I do well?
Well, next time I will like to learn it of by heart because I want to know it more. So when someone says how do you say such and such, then I can say it quickly. I think I did well by the pronouncing. Next time I would differently would be to do it in person not behind the sense. So I would chose to do it on camera, so the crowd can see me saying it in person. Also next time I will like to work on putting the mushrooms at the right time, because on one of our drafts we put it at the wrong time. So then we had to go back and do it again. 

Feedback & Feedforward:
Great job Sophie! I love the way you have gone above and beyond (you have added depth and detail into your movie). I also loved that you added the foods so that the visual leaners no what food you where talking about. Maybe next time you could just make sure that you pronounce some of the words right.  Great Job, your movie is AMAZING. 
Hannah K

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  1. Sophie! You are becoming such a reflective learner. I love how honest your evaluation is - great to see some positives and next steps in your evaluation. Well done.