Thursday, 11 June 2015

Maths Portfolio

In maths we have been learning to use the most effective strategy for each problem. I have use'n place value, partitioning, reversibility and spilt strategy. I am at stage 6. In stage 6 we had to use 2 effective strategies for each question.

Working Out:
Big Idea:
I have been working on the spilt strategy. This is how you do it. For an example 567+371
first you do is spilt the numbers apart
second you add them together like this 500+300=800 and so you keep doing that over and over till you have done the numbers in your question.  

Next time I will like to do more of partitioning because I don't use that much often like the spilt strategy. I think I did well on getting the questions correct. 

Feedback & Feedforward: You have done a lot of different strategies. I think you could have try at Rounding and Compensating. Also you could label your questions to what examples you did.

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  1. Hi Sophie - Do you know what 'partitioning' means? It means 'to split!' The 'partitioning' and 'split' strategy are the same - just two words meaning the same thing! The other strategy we need to get sorted is the Equal Addition strategy.
    You are right - we are learning to use the most efficient strategy - to do this we need to look at the relationship between the numbers. This will take lots of practising to get sorted! Yay - bring it on!