Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Reading Portfolio

This week we have had a deadline we need to finish. The deadline was to find a tick-tac-toe do for our Reading Portfolio. This deadline had to be finished by this friday the 5th of June. We had to chose 1 activity from the tic-tac-toe I have chosen what's a prefix. My Goal during Literacy is Expand Vocabulary. I am getting better at my goal because I have learnt more words. Here is my tic-tac-toe I have chosen. 

Tri stands for three like for an example, Triathlon it has three  sports in it, so everything that starts with tri has three meanings. These are the ones that do have three meanings.
  • Triathlon
  • Triangle

Success Criteria:

  • Re-Read
  • Read on
  • Lists of words
  • Base or root word
  • Cause and effect
  • Synonyms
  • Comparisons and contrasts

Big Idea:
My tic-tac-toe was what is a prefix. Our task was to find words that started with tri. I found out words from the Dictionary and what I all ready new. Next time I need to work on making sure the word is spelt correctly and if it is real or not.

What I need to work on is find out new words from the dictionary or ask a friend that I could use it in my writing I don't all ready know. I need to work on synonyms in my reading because I don't use that one much as re-read & read on.

Feedback & Feedforward:
Great work Sophie.
It is pretty difficult to come up with all those words by yourself. Maybe next time you could add words that you actually know their meaning instead of making up words you think are real. Well done though :D Aye


  1. You have worked hard to get this done quickly Sophie. I love the way that you are so on task and are working hard to meet deadlines. I'd like you to spend a bit more time to do it in more detail. Your description needs to be about what your learning goal is in reading. What are the success criteria? How do you know that you are getting better at your goal?

    In terms of your tic tac toe, think about what 'tri' means - do all of these words fit on your list? Why or why not?

    Thanks Sophie


  2. Sophie - you still need to think about what 'tri' means - do all of these words fit on your list? Why or why not?
    (If you are not sure about this, come and we can work together)

  3. Great to see you have reflected on these success criteria Sophie!

    Keep an eye out (and an ear open) for other words that have the 'tri' prefix!