Monday, 16 June 2014

Integrity Sample

WALT: Show Integrity

Success Criteria:

S.C 1: (What does integrity look like?)
-Integrity needs to be in the title or the ending
-Definition of Integrity
-Clear message, not a movie where people go huh?
-An ‘A ha’ moment.

S.C 2: (What does a good movie need?)
-Good acting (speak clearly, clear movements, confidence in themselves, not having back to camera, clear sound recording)
-Different angles shot from.
-Should be roughly a minute long
-Edited clips (no long periods of nothing)

SC 3: Planning
-Should have a storyboard and a script
-Practise run before you actually record

Task: We are making a short movie that shows integrity looks like with our little buddys. 

We made a short video to show integrity. I worked with Emma Georgia and Emily. I learned more about my group that I worked with. My goal was to know more about my group more about them and now I no them a lot better then I used to.

I think I did well because we had a script for our movie so we knew what we were going to say. Also I did a good job because we all did everything on the Success Criteria right. So I give myself a 10 /10.

 I think that you have done a great job and know what integrity is about you have done all the stuff it says on the criteria well done Sophie! Grace.S

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  1. You guys have created a pretty good movie about Integrity. I like the message you are trying to get across but some people may have trouble understanding what you were doing wrong. Also your camera angles could have been better as Emily's head was cut off in some of the shot.