Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Writting Sample

WALT: Inform

We have been making a writing sample, This my one my writing I chose out of my writing book, so I chose this one about waves. We had to chose between the waves and newtons cradle So I chose the waves. The thing I learned about energy was, that potential is stored energy so it is not moving and kinetic energy is moving energy so if you through a ball that is moving energy.

My question is: How does heat travel?

Most of our heat on Earth comes from the sun. It travels to us in waves. These waves shimmer down from the sun and either bounce off earth or are absorbed in the ground.

When heat from the sun reflects on the concrete the concrete has stored heat, and then it gently releases it through the day.

When a surfer wants to surf on a wave that is coming. He will start to paddle then the wave will catch the surfer. But the surfer just stays in one place like the middle. The surfer will only move by using their hips. This is the same way as heat travels, in waves just like in the ocean.

When you put a speaker under a glass filled with water you can see the waves going up through the water. These are called sound waves.

Next time when it is a hot day look on the road to see if there is shimmers from the sun on the concrete. Maybe you could try some of these things.

I think I have done 10/9 because I could of used more information into my writing.

I think that you are very good at writing but you could add more information.
I give you a 8/10.

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  1. Sophie, I think you have captured the essence of how heat travels. Next time it would be great to see you do some self editing and looking for ways to add more detail to your piece and not by just adding examples like the surfer etc.