Monday, 9 June 2014

Literacy Sample

WALT: Rote Learn

Task: Make a mnemonic to help us our spelling words us a memory aid.

We are making a literacy sample. We are doing this to show a strategy to help us learn our spelling words, to share during our Student Led Conference. 
How does a mnemonic help us with our spelling words?
Example if you can make a sentience saying " Dogs Invented Fire Feet Every Round Evening Time." Then you know how to spell different because every begging of a word as the letters and in order.    

How well do you think you did?
I think I have done 10/9 because I have explained about it the best I could do. But I could use more words in my writing.

I think you did a great description telling what a mnemonic is that you do a great job writing another description on some other things you write about on your blogs.

I think that you made a great example of mnemonics
but you need to add more information!


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